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Corvida Raven

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Calling herself the “Oprah of the web,” Corvida Raven is a self-made tech wizard with a passion for hacking technology.  Starting young with a love of all things Sci-Fi, Corvida took her geekdom quite serious, loving anything of another world, fantastic, and new. Growing up in the 90s, Corvida was a youngster when MP3’s came about, little music playing gadgets that propelled her further into her techie love.  Once the Internet came about, Raven found her niche.  It was a proverbial wrap after that.

Corvida has done more before the ripe age of 22, than many will do in their entire lives.  She’s created and maintained, an extremely popular site dedicated to all things social media, has co-founded Evertyhing Twitter and The Social Geeks Podcast, and is wildly sought out as a social media and technological consultant, speaker, and community manager.  After all that, she still finds time to do what began her path down the Internet rabbit hole: blog.  Running, Corvida posts daily about anything from the newest app to social media tips, to trending topics on Twitter.  She’s worked as a reporter for ReadWriteWeb, Blog Editor for Mr. Tweet, Community Manager at FastCompany, an advisor at Intel, and Social Media Expert for General Motors.  Most recently, Corvida has signed with Nike to work the new “Make Yourself Movement”.

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