Khloé Kardashian is putting her little brother Rob Kardashian on blast in her new reality show “Khloe and Lamar” by letting his fans know that he may have a zipper problem. Khloe, who I love for her brutal honesty recently revealed:

“[Rob] cannot keep his d–k in his pants,” Khloé bitched pretty loudly. “That’s his biggest problem, and until he learns that, he is constantly going to have problems.”

“He tells me: ‘I have a girlfriend. I want to bring over.’ I’m like: ‘You can’t have a new girlfriend every day—they’re still whores.’ “

She says her good-looking and charming brother thinks the word “girlfriend” is the magic bullet that will get him in the business of boning in Khlo’s million-dollar mansion.

Then, the heated babe continued mimicking the moronism she feels is Rob’s sex life. “‘I gotta ask my sister if you can come over,’ ” Khloe said, acting out the likely conversation Rob has with his girlfriends. “Like, I would leave you in two seconds. Grow up, grow a pair of balls.”

Now this is a big sis that we could get with!!!

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