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Willow Smith took to Twitter last night to give her two cents on Chris Brown’s “GMA” window-smashing incident. Or so we thought. It seems whoever is handling her Twitter account forgot that they were supposed to be representing a 10-year-old.

Chris Brown Apologizes For “GMA” Incident

How Many Times Should A Black Man Apologize?

If you had read the now-deleted tweet from “Willow,” you may have been a little shocked at her willingness to suddenly and boldly address such an adult situation. It read: “So Chris Brown is going to prison now breaking a window at ABC, but he didnt go for hurting Rihanna?” SEE BELOW.

Those don’t exactly sound like the words of well-media trained, pre-teen sensation on the brink of an amazing career.

RocNation, Willow’s label, must have gotten word of her handler’s (or hacker’s) rant because they quickly deleted the tweet and follow-up with an explanation: “This is a negativity free zone, unfortunately this account has been hacked thanks for your support. Sincerely @rocnation”

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