Yesterday, the topic of our favorite talk show was speaking to your kids about sex. However, many were not prepared for Oprah and her guest, Dr. Laura Berman, being so candid about the idea of talking to your teen daughters about self-pleasure and, particularly, using vibrators! Says Jezebel,

O’s sex expert, Dr. Laura Berman, suggested that parents have a discussion about the basic mechanics of the male and female anatomies when their kids are around 10 or 11 years old. Then, when children are 14 or 15, parents should have an in-depth conversation about self-stimulation, and mention that one option includes vibrators.

Gayle and some of the moms in the audience were totally freaked out by this. Gayle said it was “too much information,” but the whole point of the show was that kids are learning about sex in other places anyway, so parents should take the wheel and edify their spawn themselves to ensure they are getting accurate information.

Gayle wasn’t feeling it at all, but Oprah says, “they’re having oral sex – what’s the big deal about a vibrator?!” To watch a video clip, click here. Would you buy your daughter a vibrator?

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