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“Basketball Wives” Tami Roman recently sat down with our sister site at Power 92.1 and gave her first exclusive interview since the season finale and reunion show with TT Torrez, where she talks about whether or not she’s returning for season 3. Tami breaks down what happened the night she and Evelyn got into their infamous fight.

Here’s an excerpt:

On if she’s coming back on ‘Basketball Wives’:

She says it’s still up in the air on whether she’s coming back for season 3. She says the producers made her look crazy. They only showed her acting crazy and it was a misrepresentation of her personality.

On the night of the fight between her and Evelyn:

She says she heard Evelyn felt like the producers took advantage of her by exposing her personal business. The night Tami and Evelyn got into a fight, she says the producers didn’t show the part when Shaunie came out to talk to her about people not being honest. She thought Evelyn was going to tell her she didn’t like her but she had no idea that Evelyn and Kenny (her ex-husband) had sex.

Tami says the fight wasn’t about Evelyn sleeping with Kenny it was the fact she didn’t tell her. She says she was upset because she felt Evelyn should have pulled her to the side to tell her what happened before they started to develop a relationship. She says if she had known Evelyn had slept with her ex-husband she doubts she would have been as cool with her as she was.

On rumors of her stealing Kenny Anderson from Spinderella:

Tami says she didn’t know anything about Kenny Anderson when he and Spinderella were together. They had broken up by the time she met him. They weren’t living together and had a 18 month old daughter. When Kenny and Tami started talking, Spinderella knew about it.

Check out the FULL interview highlights here

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