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Basketball Wives Reunion Pt 1

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If you were expecting to see drama on last night’s “Basketball Wives” reunion show, join the club!! Considering the drama that went down on the season finale, this reunion was quite a disappointment.

After going back and forth about whether Evelyn knew or didn’t know that Kenny Anderson was engaged to Tami, Tami dropped a bomb by telling Evelyn she f****d Ochocinco, (the look on Evelyn’s face was priceless) but Tami quickly recanted her statement and said she was just messing with Evelyn. Considering how good Tami looked last night, Evelyn better be careful!!

Royce got on our nerves as she does every week, she just needs to sit her ass down.

Jennifer needs to either divorce her husband or try to make it work…she’s definitely battling with her feelings.

Shaunie sits around and acts like her sh*t don’t stink…can’t wait for Gloria to stick it to her once again tonight.

The ladies looked like they did not want to be there at all, no energy in the room…Let’s hope tonight’s episode is worth the wait!

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