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No this one is not about Karrine…we recently came across this story on and had to share with our readers.

We know groupies like to do their thing and blab about it, well check out what these groupies had to say about some of your favorite celebs:

We’re warning you some of this is very explicit!!!!

Andre 3000

He made me take off this crayola colored wig I had on (I was a weird dresser myself), and admired all the hair I had underneath it. He’s a toe sucker and a FIRE-A**beep licker! Andre is hung, and he knows it. He wears tight whites, too (so cute). So if you see a bulge in his pants, it’s real, it’s really real!! As for his technique, he’s very easy going. I kind of expected some freaky-deaky voo-doo feather fanning incense burning ‘Ommmmmm’ sex- but no. He’s like a boyfriend, he gives you what you want, gets what he wants, he’s verbal, but not vulgar. He’s just a grown man about it all. He’s one of the ones you’d let spend the night. He’s one of the ones you JUST MIGHT get up and cook some breakfast for :-)

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Allen Iverson

I had a one-night stand with Allen Iverson. He was recording his album and I happened to be at the studio. One of my homegirls was into one of his homeboys. There was four b*tches and he was like, “I wanna f*ck somebody for the night.” He has the littlest, ashiest beep I’ve ever seen. It’ s like nonexistent. He looks like he should have a beep, And it’s dry. I would give him four inches at best, and skinny.


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