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In honor of Women’s History Month, we take a look back at Aaliyah’s top 5 music videos; the late singer’s visuals always showcased her style, sex appeal, and impeccable dancing.

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5. Rock The Boat

This was Aaliyah’s last music video. She sadly died in a plane crash while flying back from shooting it.

4. Try Again – ft. Timbaland

This video for her song on the Romeo Must Die soundtrack featured her co-star in the film Jet Li. The dancing was absolutely amazing in this video – wait for the cane dance at the end!

3. Are You That Somebody?

This is probably one of Aaliyah’s best dance videos for his song off the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack. Only she could make holding a hawk on your arm fierce.

2. One In A Million

Classic song. Classic Aaliyah – sultry and seductive.

1. We Need A Resolution – ft. Timbaland

This video with Timbaland is memorable for her down and dirty scene with the snakes and just overall fabulousness.

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