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The Urban Daily today posted a video of a 10-year-old girl using the name Watoto From The Nile, calling out Lil’ Wayne for promoting drug use, degrading women and bragging about his prison stints, in a rap called ‘Open Letter’ which she and her father released online.

Watoto calls out the rapper for the way he refers to women, saying, “My daddy says that I’m a queen, but you be calling women other things. I hear you’ve got a little girl. Don’t you think the same of her?”

She also takes him to task for promoting drugs and crime, saying, “And people say ‘Say No To Drugs,’ but tell me who should I trust? You or them? Are you promoting something? It’s time our people stop the fronting.”

Watoto raps about her idols, people such as India.Arie, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, and notes that ‘we are descended from royalty.’ The message about promoting positivity and inspiration in the community is heard loud and clear, and the fact that it is coming from a 10-year-old girl makes it even more amazing.

In a society where there is a lot of talk about negative role models and rising gang crime, this girl and her open letter definitely made me smile. Combine that with the video of the 5-year-old girl last week, who was talking about refusing to get married until she had a career, and perhaps our society isn’t as ‘corrupted’ as some people think. Even though a lot of the images in the media, and a lot of the girls who get attention, are sadly getting attention for the wrong reasons, not everyone is fooled by it, and some young women are still determined to make people see them as something more than a jumpoff or a video vixen.

Let’s hope Lil’ Wayne and others take note of Watoto.

Watch the clip and tell us your thoughts…

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