Okay, I know that “it’s a recession!” is the new catchphrase these days, but sometimes, it really does apply to certain situations. Like the one involving this new natural python Christian Louboutin “Dillian” pump, which is over two thousand effing dollars.

  1. It’s a shoe.
  2. An embellished shoe. Which means its wearability will be MAYBE a year and a half, if you really want to push it, before they’re so out of style, you have to save them for your grandkids to rock as vintage.
  3. It really is a fly shoe, but how many times can you really wear it?
  4. It’s a recession, dammit.

Sorry, but come on. If I had a cool billion chilling in my bank account, I probably still wouldn’t buy them, because Bernie Madoff taught me that money can go away much more quickly than any of us ever thought it could.

Then again, on a shopping high, if I had it, I probably WOULD buy them, and then I’d hate myself for it like 3 weeks later. But what a nice 3 weeks it would be.

What do you think of these shoes?

Take a stiletto break!

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