Dry skin on your face is almost unavoidable in the winter months. With the cold weather your face can feel tight and itchy and even flake and peel. If you’re wondering what can alleviate your dry skin here are some tips and products you can use to put the moisture back into your face.

1. Drink water

Drinking water may sound simple but most of us don’t intake an adequate amount daily. Water will not only hydrate your skin but also improve your complexion.

2. Use a moisturizer

You should always use a moisturizer every time after washing your face, especially in the winter months. Using a great moisturizer like “Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30” should be an essential part of your daily beauty regime.

3. Apply moisturizer while your face is still damp

Once you’ve let your skin completely dry, it’s already dehydrated. If you want to really banish your dry skin, apply your moisturizer while your skin is still damp. This way the moisture will lock in and last all day.

4. Start from the neck and go up

Don’t forget to moisturize your neck to keep firmness. Firmly rubbing the moisturizer in an upward motion will prevent your face from being stretched downward.

5. Wait to apply your makeup after moisturizing

It takes about 10 minutes for the moisturizer to set into your skin so you want to let that happen before you go to put on your foundation or powder.

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