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Change is scarier than Amy Winehouse’s hair (bees aren’t the only thing living in that beehive). We’re not talking about minor changes like hair color, lipstick or breast size. It’s the major changes like moving to a new city, switching jobs and changes in family status that make us inhale sharply. Changing for someone else is a bit scarier than Amy’s hair, but not quite as terrifying as Brett Michaels’ extensions (it’s a good thing those bandanas can’t talk!).

Change: Not always a choice

I became an accidental expert on change when my mostly happy, 20-year marriage hit a speed bump last year. Actually, it was more like my marriage went hang-gliding into a jagged cliff. Change was at the forefront of many discussions. After all, the jagged cliff wasn’t about to move. Eventually we had to choose a different route.

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Neither of us necessarily needed to change, but we did need to do some “tweaking,” which is far less intimidating than changing! Slapping a prettier face on change meant I was ready for the mack-daddy of personal change: personality.

This is where we introduce the big boys: quirks, idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. These personality traits affect all of our relationships, from spouses to kids to co-workers. Assuming you’re not a freak show, you probably need to tweak just a few unflattering traits. You owe it to everyone in your immediate circle to do just that (unless you like perpetrating the same mistakes, slamming into the same walls and living a life plagued by aggravation and frustration). Are we not, as Oprah will attest, here to learn?

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