Of course Disney couldn’t create the first Black American princess without starting some controversy. People are pissed because Princess Tiana’s prince in the up and coming Disney animation, The Princess and the Frog, is a white dude. Apparently this interracial couple is showing people that ‘black love’ is not good enough. I beg to differ. As a biracial woman, I’ve had enough of the black girl always being paired with a black guy and the black guy always being paired with a black girl on TV and in movies. The truth is that the world is becoming more and more multi-cultural and people are not exclusively dating inside their race (look at President Obama). I think this could be a great role model for the kids out there who have parents who don’t look like each other. Instead of always being expected to date a person of our own racial make up, it’s now okay to date someone outside of our racial make up. To me, that’s progress.

Check out more on the controversy here. Don’t forget to check out the trailer below:

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