Probably the biggest examples of celebrity weight seesawers are Oprah, Janet Jackson, and the late, great Luther Vandross. And anyone who’s had crazy weight ups and downs is probably more than grateful that they don’t have a camera constantly shoved in their face! But if you’re one of those people that notices a little weight seesawing over the course of the week, it COULD be due to these 5 factors.


Feel like a weight loss/gain rollercoaster? Is your weight up and down more than a seesaw on a sunny day at the playground? If so, relax. Even if you’re doing everything perfectly, there are lots of reasons why the number on the scale could be up by a pound or two. The following may be the culprits of your unexpected weight gain:

You were thirsty! Downing 16 ounces of any fluid can cause an immediate “gain” of 1 pound.

You’re backed up. Constipation can tilt the scale by as much as 2 pounds if it’s been more than a couple of days since your bowels did their thing.

For three more reasons your weight could be fluctuating, click here.

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