Over the past few weeks, Hello Beautiful has received hundreds and hundreds of comments to some of our stories.  Whether it’s about the Chris Brown / Rihanna drama, Lisa Raye scandals, or just can’t-get-enough Beyonce news, Black Planet members have had a lot to say.

To celebrate our beautiful voices, every week we will post a Photo Gallery of The Best HB Comments Of The Week!   Did yours make it??   If not, keep commenting, because we’re reading!

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momo1985 commented on the Beyonce / Jay Z separate beds RUMOR

“eh…..shes fake i think there whole marriage is fake…staying in different hotels in sleeping in differnet beds thats wack! she wack! he shouldnt have put a ring on it!”

Miss_Trini_Ting commented on the Keri Hilson / Beyonce SCANDAL

“Aww shiiitt, Keri ripped it. I liked Beyonce up until a point, all really started to believe that she was feeling herself too damn much. But to hear this from Keri is too damn funny. Beyonce w/o make up is not pretty at all. I guess the only thing u can really say she got is a body from the neck down. But I aint hatin’ just keepin’ it real. If Beyonce disrespected Keri and this is how Ms. Hilson comes back “oh freakin’ well”, until B can show respect to true divas aka Miss Etta James song “At Last” and had the audacity not to invite her to sing a long at President Obamas presidential ball then who the hell is she.”

0VancouverHurts commented on the Chris Brown / Rihanna TRAGEDY

“Oprah needs to understand that Rihanna is stupid and HE ALREADY DID HIT HER BEFORE in dec (just 2 months before smackdown #2) and shes still with his ass. Rihanna is aware that shes in an abusive relationship and is willing to stay with him because she likes it when he cries crawling back to her, she gets kicks out of that. So I say let Rihanna live her life and let him abuse her til she dies cuz as far as everyone knows Rihanna is not letting go. But fun part is, we can hold this against her everytime she makes garbage music giving fake msgs about “take a bow” and other b.s”

wettwett1105 commented on on the Keri Hilson / Beyonce SCANDAL

“Keri Hilson is a jealous wannabe! I don’t even know who the trick is, but I for sure know who Beyonce is…a classy, independent, multi-talented, GRAMMY Award winning artist! Who is this Keri Wilson or Hison…whatever!!? I mean besides a HATER!!!!!!!!!! We ALL can see she’s that! Pretty girl…UGLY attitude!”

julietta4u2 commented on the Chris Brown / Rihanna TRAGEDY

“U know what no matter what woman can say or do man can not raise his hand on woman. The man that does raise his had , is not a man anymore ,cuz God made man stronger on purpose , and i feel Rihanna’s pain , i went thru dat myself and trust me man dont learn they continue go on and do same shit in next relationship. I always hated Chris brown always thought his a fag and now am certain his a puss-wuss. Am glad the whole world knows truth about Chris , f*** Chris , can’t sing anyways. Rihanna U go girl , wont dont make us weaker makes us stronger”

_TDIE_ commented on the Chris Brown / Rihanna TRAGEDY


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