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What an amazing week this has been. The weather is getting warmer and I can feel that spring is in the air. What does spring mean? Well spring means that it is time clear out the clutter, organize and re-evaluate. With this in mind I am always asked if makeup goes bad or does it have an expiration date like food? Yes it does and if you continue using it major issues could develop due to harmful bacteria.

A lot of companies especially the organic or natural cosmetic movement ones are all about putting expiration dates on packaging which I totally appreciate, but for now here is a small list of basic expiration dates for makeup you just purchased.


Usually toss them after about 6 months. If you decide to continue using it you are playing Russian roulette with your eyes. Bacteria can easily get into the mascara tube and then you may suddenly develop a follicle infection that can lead to some pretty severe complications like sties, boils and worse.

So throw that tube away girl and stop trying to save it because it was expensive because your health is way more important than a tube of mascara. Plus with this recession you can supplement mass brand makeup which I will touch base on next week when I discuss how to save money and still look fab.


Concealers and tinted moisturizers have about a one year life span and if they are hanging around after that chances are the product will go rancid. You will know by the smell which is not pleasing at all to say the least. Using a spoiled foundation can lead to breakouts from broken down oils and parabens so again think more of your skin and less of your pocket. Eye liners and lip liners are a little more time friendly because they can be dipped into alcohol before sharpening to kill bacteria also refrigerating them in a zip lock bag can also extend their life and keep bacteria at bay.

So clean out your makeup bags, throw away those funky old sponges I am always busting people using because you are actually endangering your health long term.

There are also ways of giving back to Mother Earth as we approach April 2nd which is Earth Day. So you don’t have to toss products anymore because there are companies like MAC for example that has an amazing recycling program. When you bring in 7 or 8 empty, used or full packaging from MAC to any MAC store location you get a free lipstick. Now if that’s not an incentive to toss old colors than I don’t know what is.

Also companies like Origins who has dedicated its whole mission to using earth friendly ingredients and recycled packaging. Mary Kay made a new initiative to create a re-fillable system that has cut down on 60 percent of waste, Cargo’s new innovative line Plant Love’s packaging is made from corn husk plus it is free of all paraben, oil, talc, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Last thing I want to say is do not store makeup in the same bathroom you shower in because the steam breaks down vital nutrients, ingredients and the composition of your makeup which also makes it go bad. Keep makeup in a cool dry place because it’s healthier for you and for your makeup. Stay beautiful and have a great week.


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