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Some of us eat meat and others engage in the practice of veganism like actress, musician and activist Persia White. But what if those same lifestyle decisions factored into your decision to buy certain makeup products? Makeup companies like Urban Decay and theBalm have embraced the idea of vegan-friendly beauty products which simply means that absolutely no products that are derived from animals are used in the creation of their product lines.

It’s difficult for most to associate the vegan lifestyle with something as glamorous as makeup, but where’s there’s the will and a great chemist, there’s a way. Kill two birds with one stone by protecting the animals you so dearly love and assuaging any guilt you might have in applying one (or all) of the beautiful, vibrant eyeshadows from the Urban Decay’s Limited Edition Vegan Palette ($34, which includes six eyshadows, an eye liner and an eyeshadow primer potion to really make the shadows adhere to your eye. While half of Urban’s product offerings are vegan, this is the first time that an entire eyeshadow palette is vegan. For those of you concerned with the environment, you can reast-assured that the palette’s packaging is completely recyclable.

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