Over 95% of people experience back pain at some time in their lives. How we handle that pain can make the difference in our future episodes of pain. There are many reasons for back pain, and it is usually different for certain age groups. The younger you are, you may be able to attribute back aches and pain, to dancing in high heels all night or to playing all day basketball. You may have had a recent injury, carried furniture or a heavy load, slipped on ice, or even just stumbled. You may be hormonal (a visit from your friend) or sleeping on a couch in front of the television, or maybe slumped playing video games all day.

Now let’s add the risk factors poor posture, overweight, smoking, long term sitting at work or home, improper diet and nutrition = increased risk of back pain.

Back pain is individual; pain can range from cramping to shooting, sharp to dull, from all the time to just in the morning. The low back or Lumbar Spine is the area of the back that has to the carry the highest loads, that is why we usually experience low back pain first. You may have a lot on your mind, but you also carry a lot on your back.

So, what can we do, First Aid, any time you experience any pain, apply ice immediately, I know its cold but it works. It will immediately stop the inflammation and can reduce the scar formation inside the joint which is important for long term. Scar tissue in the joint is not as pliable, as the normal tissue, and can be the sight of reoccurring back problems. Pain will travel in the area of least resistance.

Red Flags…Any pain that isn’t relieved with medicine or ice or that is increasing or is moving to your legs may need an emergency room visit.

Never use heat immediately following any injury, this worsens the scar tissue formation, making you feel stiff. Bed rest is ok, the first day, with ice, but tries and moves around. This will help.

Depending on the severity, how often or how long you have had the pain, treatment can vary. Medication can help with severe pain, but should not be used long term or without exercise. Chiropractic and Acupuncture can help faster with better long term results. As with any pain always consult your physician.

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