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Jahna Sebastian is a singer/songwriter/producer in the UK that claims that she had a baby girl by Swizz Beatz. According to a letter her friend shared with a website, Swizz is aware of the child as he showed up with Alicia Keys last year for a paternity test that eventually proved he was the father.

Read about that here: Is Swizz Beatz A Deadbeat Dad To His Daughter?

Anyway, the other day she may have posted subliminal shots at Alicia Keys on her blog. In a blog titled “I give thanks for being a producer myself so I don’t have to f*ck for tracks as if I was just a singer” she concluded with:

Hearing about some of today’s successful artists, who for their career sleep with producers jumping from one to another, break up marriages even when kids are involved and take everything for themselves with no sense of morality, building their image by speculating on sacred things, then get Grammys and worldwide promotion, I think to myself that somehow they get away with it too easy, but what is happening within their soul?

Swizz’s Alleged Baby Mama Issues Statement!

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