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Today is the book review, “He Said, “She Said” with Nakea Murray and Terrance Dean. And, this week’s featured book is Platinum: A Novel by Aliya King (Touchstone – July 2010; $24.99).

Platinum is a sexy and salacious novel that takes the reader inside the world of  celebrities and Hip Hop. You only think you want this life . . .

Alex Maxwell is busy. She’s planning her wedding to up-and coming music artist Birdie, ghostwriting video vixen Cleopatra Wright’s memoir, and she’s just been assigned the story of the year by her editor in chief at a major music industry magazine—an article about the glamorous lives of women married to platinum-selling hip-hop artists. Alex has been interviewing celebrities and hangers-on long enough to know all that glitters isn’t gold, so she’s determined to get the real scoop. Still, it’s not going to be easy to get past the wives’ gilded cages.

Beth Saddlebrook is the wife of aging rapper Z. They have three beautiful boys and a seemingly endless supply of cash. But Beth spends her days trying to keep Z off drugs and fielding calls from women who taunt that she’s just a “small-town white b****” and claim to be carrying Z’s baby. Only one person understands what she’s going through. And that’s Kipenzi.

Kipenzi Hill is a multi-platinum-selling R&B artist and Beth’s best friend. Her relationship with rap star and record label president Jake is an open secret in the industry. She knows Jake loves her, but he’d rather break up than publicly acknowledge it. Now she has learned that the newest (and much younger) R&B sensation Bunny has been signed to Jake’s label.

Josephine Bennett is the wife to Jamaican singer and uberproducer Ras Bennett. Josephine doesn’t just want to spend her husband’s money, she wants to contribute. Her fashion company is finally starting to get media attention when her husband admits to something she’s suspected all along—he’s fallen in love with another woman.

Cleopatra Wright is every man’s dream girl, a video vixen with a story to tell and scores to settle. Cleo’s got that thing no one can put a finger on and no man (or woman) can resist. Some would call her evil or misguided or both, but Cleo always moves with a purpose and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Alex realizes she may have more in common with these women than she’d like. What if this is a glimpse of how her life will be if Birdie finally gets signed to a major label? Stuck between her loyalty to this newfound sisterhood and her obligation to write the truth, Alex is forced to rethink everything she knows about work, friendship, and love.

“He Said, She Said” Book Review: In My Father’s House

She Said – Nakea:

Loved, loved, loved this book! Part of the reason was the same “figure out”-factor that I loved in my wonderful review partner TD’s own book Hiding In Hip Hop. Platinum focuses on a celebrity journalist, Alex, who has been chosen to chronicle the life of a video vixen and other hip-hop females. Ms. King did a great job of taking readers into the world of hookers, hip-hop, and Hollywood, and shows how easy it is to get swept up into the drama of it all. I wasn’t disappointed and this is far from what you may expect from the title. The price point is high, but well worth it.

He Said – Terrance:

Platinum was on point. From my many years of music industry experience this story couldn’t have been realer. Aliya, a well-known journalist, and co author of several best-selling titles, has crafted a story that oozes scandal and will have you shouting at the characters. Especially, “Ms. All Around The World” Cleo, who’s had more rappers than Super Jam in the past decade. Sexy, solid and sincere, Platinum takes readers on an entertaining ride.

And, this week we have a special give-away of Aliya King’s book, Platinum: A Novel.

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