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Rihanna better watch out.

In a recent interview with EXTRA, Drake hinted at the possibility of a collaboration with Chris Brown.

After the infamous beating that occurred in February 2009, Rihanna was spotted clubbing with Drake four months later in June:

Rumors started flying over whether or not the two were engaged in a full-blown relationship or a fling, but Miss Info clued us in, saying:

I remember that Drake and Rihanna were an “item” around the time that Drake did his first SOBs show. And I heard that the very next day, he was getting flown to London to “work” with Rihanna again but that, at the time, they’re relationship was still, um…unconsummated, lol. I hope, for his sake, at least that milestone was passed before she “curved” on him ; )

And we all know how Drake feels about her now: “Rihanna Played Me Like A Pawn, Then Disappeared”

So, let’s see what these two scorned lovers will come up with.

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