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By RK Byers

A female friend sent out the above picture in a mass email entitled “I think she has the perfect (rear end).”

The woman in the picture, if you didn’t know, is super model Naomi Campbell who I happen to think is absolutely beautiful. But perfect rear end?


Perfect would be somewhere between Naomi and, say, Bria Myles. Perfect would be a taller Beyonce or a slimmer Alicia Keys. Perfect would be Serena Williams if she’d been, say, a distance runner and not a tennis player. Perfect would be useless video vixen Solei or adult film star Roxy Reynolds (and don’t expect a link on that one).

But this, I think, represents the fundamental disconnect between men and women. What women find attractive in themselves and each other is often not what men find attractive at all.

Very recent studies have found that seeing the body of a curvy, hippy woman has the same effect on a man as taking drugs.

This, of course, would seemingly put Black women in the awkward position of being almost effortlessly able to induce a natural high, while simultaneously forcing them to continue in their psychological warfare against the rail thin, pancake-flat on both sides, top fashion models that America ridiculously endorses as the feminine ideal.

One would expect that women—particularly Black women—would know better than this. Most fashion designers are gay males. The only type of women these guys could even feel remotely attracted towards would be the ones that have the bodies of young boys.

Still, even when women go lesbian they seem to pick unattractive partners. Anybody seen Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon’s main squeeze?


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Then there’s all this hate against genuine cuties with real talent like Nicki Minaj!

I’ve even heard some disparaging things (from women, of course) against a lady who physically, academically and intellectually is, by any reasonable standard, completely above reproach—Michelle Obama!

All this leads me to suggest that, ladies: we men will accept your opinions on whether or not another woman has class.

We’ll listen to you prattle on and on about whether or not her purse is wack or her shoes are corny or her dress is cheap.

But when it comes to judging another woman physically, I’d advise ya’ll to leave that up to the experts.

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