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Take the Flintstone Challenge

Can You Connect Again Like the Good Old Days?

Or are you stuck in the “Jetson’s Age” forever?

The other day my car had to be serviced due to a leaky part. While seated in the waiting room, I was told that the computers were down and it would be a little longer wait than they expected. The mechanics had to check on my part in their intranet, but of course, they couldn’t find out what parts were available, since the system was down.

The waiting room was peaceful with an imaginary aquarium full of colorful fish, floating high above our heads on the 60 inch screen TV. The soothing sounds of classical music playing in the background relaxed me. Who needs real fish? LOL (Gotta love technology eh?)

Which brings me to my point. The only other person in the room with me flipped through a magazine and looked up to say, “Isn’t it a shame how much we rely on technology? How we can’t do much without it?”

Joseph (I’d soon find out) was waiting for the computers to come back on so he could resume his work in the finance department of the Acura Dealership. We discussed how far we’ve come as a society with technology, yet thought about how much better off we might be without it. It’s one of those Catch 22 situations. Even though technology has made life quicker and easier for us, in many ways it hinders quality communication and building solid relationships from forming.

“We probably would not have even met if weren’t for the computers shutting off”, Joseph joked.

We thought back to the days way before the early 90’s when we were probably just a tad smarter as a society. Well, dare say a lot smarter.

Ponder this for a moment…

• How many people’s phone numbers do you actually know by heart as compared to before cell phones invaded our lives? (Or for those born before the 80’s…back to when we had to use payphones. ~Yuck, shivers at the thought.~ LOL)

• Or how about when spell check was something you did with a real live dictionary. Yes, the ones with pages.

I remember saying, “Mom, how do you spell…”

Even if she knew the answer, “Get the dictionary, Simone!,” she’d yell back.

I’d say, “Awh Ma, how can I look it up if I don’t know how to spell it?” …And that my friends made us smarter. We learned a lot from searching didn’t we?

Come on, we must have used just a bit more brain power back then. Have we become lazy, because of technology? Today we’re living the push-button-and-go lifestyle. Are we the JETSONS OR WHAT? Aside from the flying cars, we pretty much have almost all the bells and whistles the cartoonists dreamed about when they created that cartoon from microwaves to video phones.

I Remember When…

* Remember when people took the time to write a heart-felt letter instead of a forwarded chain letter to tell you they loved you as a true friend?

* Or when you could drive on the road and the person next to you would be doing just that..DRIVING. Not obsessed multitasking mania: text messaging, putting on mascara, looking at their GPS or yapping on the phone!

* Remember when you would call around to a few friends to find a long lost buddy, instead of going to facebook or myspace. (Okay, okay… this one I gotta admit is a keeper. Found some college and elementary school friends this way! BTW…Add me as a friend! lol)

* Or get this, when you actually KNEW the people that lived next to you. I mean not just a wave, a head nod, but they might even come over for dinner once in a while.

Sorry to say, that gone are the days of quality connections…unless maybe you live in a small town that is. However, there’s still hope. There are a few folks out there holding on and trying to keep real communication going. Folks trying to inspire community in all that they do.

My hats off to you all who take the time to send a hand-written thank you card, who stop and talk to a neighbor for even five minutes. Those who actually call someone back when they call you instead of replying with a rushed text message. To those who call up family members to check up on them instead of waiting until they are on their death bed to pay a visit. ~Ouch! Yes, I went there!~ know it’s true!

Sooooo, Mr. Buzzin’ BlackBerry and Ms. I’msoDarnBusy…I got a little test for you. Are you up for The Flintstone Challenge?

Try to take it back to the past. You might feel like you’re in the stone ages, but so what. It’s time to connect on a deeper level with your fellow man.

~ Sappy violin music starts.~ Awh man, somebody get me a Kleenex!



1. Write a REAL letter (with a pen). Remember the ones that have stamps and envelopes? Let an old friend or significant other know how much you miss them. Give them an update on what’s need and exciting in your life. If you really want to take it back, throw in an old photo of you two together.

2. Be alone with yourself and really enjoy Numero Uno. Spend quiet time on a park bench, in the library, a museum, etc. Journal, read a good book, meditate. Enjoy being in the moment with your thoughts. (No cell phones or T.V. aloud)

3. Try a Mind Cleanse…No TV at ALL. See how long you can do it. If you don’t have the shakes after day one, be a big shot and shoot for three. Lol In exchange…write more and read more. See how much you can actually learn without the boob tube on.

4. Here’s a big one…stop by and visit a neighbor or if you don’t know the neighbor’s name….say, “It’s a shame, we haven’t formally introduced ourselves. My name is Mr. BlackBerry, so good to meet you!”

5. Oh boy, I Iied,THIS is the big one especially for BlackBerry addicts. DON’T CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR ……………………wait for it…………..

an ENTIRE DAY! I know, devastating for some of you guys. I actually feel like I’m on vacation when I don’t check my email. LOL It’s great, try it!

6. Be a Goodie Two Shoes and help save the world! Volunteer to teach a class at a local community, help out at an animal shelter, assist the homeless, work in a domestic violence shelter, or help out at a church after school program.

Can you do it? Try and slow down for a few and reconnect with what’s truly important. ~Sappy violin music ends~

Come back here and post your results or your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

Own Your Power! Yabba Dabba Doooooo!!!!

(Okay that was a bit much, but I couldn’t help myself)


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