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I recently wrote a post about social networks and how they are great for meeting new people, and staying in contacts with old friends etc.. However, with that comes the exposure to weirdos and other eccentric folk as well. In my short time writing on this YeahSheSaidIt I have already met my fair share of weirdos. Shortly before I wrote the post “When Social Networks Get Creepy,” I received an email from a gentleman on Facebook whom for anonymity purposes we will call Mr. Weirdo. Mr. Weirdo made some comments and sent me messages via Facebook that made me uncomfortable. So I removed him from my friends list. This insulted Mr. Weirdo so he responded with action! Shortly after I received yet another message from Mr. Weirdo stating the following:

Yes! Someone did number 2 to me.

It would appear that you are suggesting that being unusual should not be tolerated online.

For example, you might wish to have sex with children, but alternatively, you might truly love the magic of children from a deeper perspective. How would you know the difference? Obviously by taking the trouble to know that person more deeply, instead of taking the easy way out…. As someone who has been involved in personal development for a long time, I have come to really appreciate a ‘childlike’ quality’ in people. I love innocence and vulnerability, because these are honest and open and real qualities. Most ‘adults’ have lost touch with their ‘child side’, and there is an area of counseling which attempts to help those get more in touch with their child side. I am also technically Asperger syndrome, and it is common for Autistic people to retain their childlike qualitiy, as I have done, and I value it in others. I had what I thought was a nice virtual friend here on Facebook, but I innocently mentioned something connected with ‘childlike’, and for whatever reason, she suddenly deleted me from her friends, and also was rude. I wondered what could have caused this, but then I read what you had put, and I realised. I am unusual, and I can’t censor everything I say all the time, but those online don’t know what I’m really like, so they ‘guess’. Their ‘feeling’ about me is caused by a conditioned response. very similar to racism, not taking the trouble to discover the individual. I wanted to discuss this with you, from the other perspective, because for me, being unusual nowadays causes many people to have weird reactions to you.

But there are those unusual people who take the trouble to find out the ‘real’ person, and those select few are my friends.

So your advice to remove from friends list because of unusual line of questioning for example, and to just go on a ‘feeling’ which might be wrong, is the same reasoning that causes racism.

How To: Avoid Danger Online

My Response:

Dear Mr. Weirdo,

I agree with your point that racism is a horrible mentality and it is always best to get to know a person before judging them. However, in the same breath I disagree with your come one, come all attitude. You see Mr. Weirdo, not everyone has your best interest at heart. As you said this has nothing to do with race, creed etc.. This is a more of a morality issue. It is a people issue. This is a fact that you learn as you live your life. A prime example of this can be found on the news every night, when more and more people are found murdered, kidnapped etc.. Not everyone is nice even if they tell you to your face that they are. Mr. Weirdo, I am a person who is very in tune with the small stil inner voice within. Some call this voice God, sub-conscious, first mind etc.. With that being said I was always taught to listen to that voice as often as possible because it is what will assist in protecting me. For example, if I am walking home late at night by myself and that small voice tells me I should cross the street or take a different route for my safety measure then guess what? I listen to it! This small voice is something that all humans and even the more intelligent animals have been blessed with. It is the reason why people who do not listen to it later regret it and say comments like “something told me not to do blah blah but I did not LISTEN.” This small voice is an internal protection device that I’m sure even a guy like yourself has listened to a time or two in your lifetime.

I say all this to say that if I get a stranger danger feeling from anyone, whether it be someone online, out in public, whether they are Black, White, Purple, Amish, etc.. I listen to that small still voice. Why? Because I know it is a part of my God given senses to protect myself. Much like my vision or smell is.

So, my apologies if my removal of you from my friends list upset you. Unfortunately, you will stay removed. Why? Because the small voice says weirdo alert and I for one am obliged to listen.

Thank You

LJ Knight of YeahSheSaidIt

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