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I just got my hands on OZONE Magazine’s upcoming Sex Issue, which features everyone’s favorite baby daddy, Lil Wayne. 

The interview covers his rumored love affair with Shanell and his 4 baby mamas. Here are some excerpts:

On @liltunechi and his love tweets:

Your tweets are mostly about love. Is that your mentality at the moment?

I asked Twist when I got on Twitter, “What am I supposed to do?” He said, “You’re supposed to say what you’re thinkin’.” That’s what I be thinkin’.

Is love what you think about all the time? Or just right now?

Right now. I think about the moment, but my thoughts usually last for days and lifetimes.

On having four baby mamas, two who were pregnant at the same time

I know you’re generally not too concerned about the critics, but you did get a lot of flak for the four baby mamas.

I don’t think what people think should be any concern of anybody’s. It’s definitely not a concern of mine. I’d be crazy if it was and you’re crazy if you are.

I think people translate “he has four baby mamas” as “he disrespects women.”

But that goes back to me not caring about what people think or say. They wanna be [baby mama] number five, six, and seven, so…

Did you go through a phase where you were, um… wanting to spread your seed? Or was it just the way things happened?

You’d have to be a woman that’s with me to know what phase I was going through. If I was to answer that question for you or for the world or for this magazine, then I’d be the dumbest ni**a on the planet.

Why do these women lay down with this dude???

Take a look at Weezy and his baby mamas below:

Lauren London: “Wayne Is A Great Dad”

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