This Donald Sterling guy just continues to prove everything negative we already think about him to be true. During his sit down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the shamed Clippers owner couldn’t even apologize without making offensive comments and damaging his reputation even more. In the interview, which aired on “Anderson Cooper 360°” tonight, Sterling said […]

V. Stiviano sat for an interview with Barbara Walters on Friday, and we must admit she’s just as delusional as Donald Sterling. During the bizarre conversation, the 31-year-old “personal assistant” said the leaked audio recording was not the first time the Clippers owner made inappropriate comments about Black people. Yet, she insisted he is not a racist. […]

Donald Sterling is finally speaking out! During a recent discussion with a Los Angeles monthly, the Clippers owner opened up about the ugly scandal surrounding his life and basketball team. Instead of showing remorse for the racist rant published by TMZ last week, Sterling owned up to his words and said he wished he would have […]