The "Black Lightening" and "Love Is" co-creator is facing a serious lawsuit with his alleged mistress accusing him of sexual assault, verbal abuse and stealing her work.


In July, we reported on the rape of 16-year-old Jada, who had been drugged and sexually assaulted at a party. After violating her body, her rapists continued their assault on Jada and posted pictures of her unconscious body with the despicable hashtag #jadapose. Jada, however, did not back down and created her own #IamJada movement and […]

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I don’t know how old I was when it started. I must have been two or three – just a child. A talkative little girl who loved to laugh and sing around the house. For him, I was just one of his many victims. He always had his eyes on me and “the incidents,” as I refer […]