Robbie Ann Darby

Now that January is in full swing and we’re back to hectic schedules, it’s more important than ever to stick to your fitness resolution. This week, we’re bringing the gym to your office! Get Right, Get Tight trainer Robbie Ann Darby of RAD Experience holds you down with five effective workout moves you can do […]

Photos: @RADExperience‘s Instagram It’s Thursday, beauties: time to kick it into high gear! Today’s “Get Right, Get Tight“ move of the day is “The Ninja Kick.” Move of the day: The Ninja Kick  It may look a little complicated, but trainer Robbie Ann Darby of RAD Experience has broken it down for us in three simple […]

Photo: @radexperience‘s Instagram Move of the day: The Mermaid Today it’s time to stretch and tone! Our trainer Robbie Ann Darby calls today’s move “The Mermaid,” because it will have you reaching as long and lean as that Disney princess you loved back in the day. This move is a great core stabilizer (hello, abs!) […]