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What is Phaedra Parks’ net worth? Phaedra Parks is worth $12 million, according to the most recent Celebrity Net Worth estimate. Why is Parks so rich? How does the reality TV star earn her money? In addition to appearing on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Phaedra is an entertainment lawyer, mortician, author and entrepreneur. MUST […]

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” NeNe Leakes is worth at least $4.5 million, though it could be a lot more. She recently signed a $1 million deal to return for the sixth season of Bravo’s popular reality show, which makes her highest paid housewife in the cast. MUST READ: Sorry NeNe: NBC Cancels “The New Normal” […]

Bow before Queen Bey! Beyonce is worth over $300 million — and possibly even more! Last year alone, Forbes estimates she earned $40 million, putting her at no. 18 on the list of highest-paid musicians. And though she’s married to Jay-Z (worth $475 million), she’s a fiercely “Independent Woman” when it comes to her money. […]