najwa moses

After several weeks of being out and about in Nairobi, Kenya, I must admit that original and unique fashion is sorely lacking. Now don’t get me wrong, the citizens of Nairobi are stylish — but in the way that anyone who clicks on a blog or cracks open a magazine is stylish: Skinny jeans? Check. […]

Now here’s irony for ya: I decide to travel for a bit around the world, missing no less than three weddings back home in the process and still end up at a wedding two weeks after arriving in Kenya . Ha! The nuptials of Sheila and Tele Waki were celebrated off of a beautiful lake […]

Well Hello Beautiful! I must say that I’m thrilled to bring the world of Styleaholics–Najwa Moses to this wonderful family of beauties as I travel throughout East Africa and several cities in Europe in search of all things haute — fashion, food, pleasure. For those of you unfamiliar with yours truly, I’ll let my Twitter […]