Mia Love


As the 114th year of Congress assembles this Tuesday, it’ll have its biggest number of women and minorities on board in history! In 2015, 84 women will serve in the House, including Mia Love, the first Black woman Republican, and 30-year-old Elise Stefanik who is the youngest woman to be on staff. There will also be […]

We told you that the 2014 midterm elections were a big Black deal, and it was! Mia Love was elected as the first Black female Republican elected to Congress. She’s also the first Haitian-American to serve in the Capitol. Love recently told Newsweek, “I’m perfectly comfortable in my skin. My parents always told me, ‘In […]

Mia Love is the definition of a minority. She’s a woman in politics that’s a Conservative Republican. She’s Mormon and get this…she’s black. Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs in Utah and won an upset primary race to become the Republican candidate in Utah’s 4th Congressional District. If she is elected, Love will make history […]