Oversized knits are back in style! GIANT’s Kenyatta Smith gives us the scoop on the latest knits and makes us feel a little better about stealing our boyfriends’ huge old sweaters.

They’re suede, they’re purple, and they’re side-zippered ankle boots… Need I say more? Just make room in your closet for these fierce shoes and wear them with ALMOST everything. Find out more about these boots and where to get them now!

If I were a celebrity, pop diva or a socialite, and could afford to carry a different bag every day, I would own this bag.

Move over black nail polish! The latest trend in nail color is gray, From soft grays all the way to gunmetal, you’ll be seeing this color everywhere.

We’ve been rocking leggings for quite some time now and while it has become a little boring, I’m not sure how I feel about…yes wait for it, leather leggings. Tell us what you think about this new trend.

Fighting with your boyfriend? Want to get back at him? Why not steal his favorite pair of jeans? Click here to find out how.

I’ve never been one to toot my own horn… but I’m as cool as a cucumber. Better yet, I’m as chill as a bowl of ice cubes in late December. That’s probably because I wear Equilibrio, jewelry embedded with frequencies that engage with my person to keep me at my center. So, instead of spending […]

For this week’s celeb style HB would like to give props to M.I.A. for having such a unique and innovative style!

1) The right tote to carry around this fall: Michael Kors purple patent leather tote. Available at shop.nordstrom.com for 398 dollars. 2) Suede is this fall’s patent leather. This jeweled tone Valentino“Maison” Tote teal bag needs to be on my arm. A little pricey for my budget, but it’s definitely No. 1 on my wish […]

Vogue India‘s August issue consisted of a 16-page spread of high-end, status symbol designer pieces modeled not by the wealthiest fraction of India’s population who could actually afford such luxuries, but by average Indian citizens. These citizens, though they comprise about half of India’s population, live on less than 1.25 dollars a day. That said, […]

With Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz as your parents it’s almost a requirement that you have amazing style.

In honor of the DNC we’re highlighting the style of Michelle Obama. If Barack makes it to the White House, America will have one fierce first lady.