Cairo, billed the male version of bestselling author and Queen of Erotica Zane, continues to entice and enthrall is fans with his unique brand of erotica. His fans can’t seem to get enough of his raw, brash style of writing. On the heels of the successful publication of Daddy Long Stroke, he returns with MAN […]

Cairo is fast becoming the hottest erotica writer in the game. We were introduced to his raw, gritty writing style with the sexy thriller, The Kat Trap. With his fifth book, KITTY- KITTY, BANG BANG, (Strebor/Atria Books; November 2011; $15), Cairo is proving that he is truly a force to be reckoned with. Katrina, Cairo’s […]

Cairo, burst onto the erotica literary scene with the sexy thriller, Man Handler. He soon returned with The Kat Trap and Daddy Long Stroke, which solidified him as a tour de force in this genre. Is his fourth book, DEEP THROAT DIVA (Strebor/Atria Books; March 2011 – $12), Cairo again entices us with his usual sensual […]