T-Boz, one third of the hit girl group, TLC, has landed her own reality show, “Totally T-Boz” and on last night’s episode, she let her fans deep into her personal life as she dealt with the fear of her brain tumor returning and her struggles to break into the world as a solo artist. Check out the recap inside as cameras followed her into her sit down interview with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, her trip to the doctor for her annual MRI and her feelings of being “unpretty.”

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1. T-Boz Sits Down Interview With Perez Hilton

T-Boz Sits Down Interview With Perez Hilton

Being on the gossip blogs was nothing new for T-Boz, but for some reason when she was notified that she would be meeting with Perez Hilton for an exclusive interview for his website, she was extremely nervous! Probably because Perez Hilton is notorious for ripping celebrities apart one blog post at a time and for that reason. When they met, she was ready for anything. He asked her questions about her career and why she decided to come back to music all of a sudden. She said she “felt like music was the only thing that she was born to do.” Amen to that! T-Boz also talked about a semi TLC reunion tour and her solo career! It looked like she survived the interview session with Perez! Whew!

2. T-Boz Feared Her Brain Tumor Would Return

T-Boz Feared Her Brain Tumor Would Return

As an annual routine, T-Boz visited her doctor each year for a MRI to see if her brain tumor had returned. She was diagnosed with the tumor in 2006 and after beating it, she made her health her number one priority. Her friends and family were right by her side at her doctors appointment, and admired her strength as a woman to deal with not only the tumor, but also the death of her friend Left Eye and all of the media scrutiny she’s endured in the past. She told cameras that she was feeling “unpretty” and went on to say, “Knowing that you’re faced with maybe death. My brain tumor can always come back. I’m strong, but you have your days and that’s kind of sad.” The results from the MRI won’t be revealed until next week’s season finale episode, and until then, T-Boz was left feeling anxious and nervous.

3. “Unpretty” Unplugged

"Unpretty" Unplugged

After her doctor’s appointment, T-Boz went to the studio which helped ease her mind while she anxiously waited for the MRI results. She chose to sing the song that encompassed how she felt at the time, coincidently, “Unpretty”. She told cameras the meaning behind the song, which started out as a poem she wrote and grew into this timeless track. The producer T-Boz was working with decided that it would be a great idea to do an “unplugged” version of the track (which by the way sounded great). She opened up completely and expressed her fear of her brain tumor returning and feeling completely unpretty at the time while she waited on her test results. What a strong woman!