1. Toppin’ It All Off: 20 Fabulous Fedoras Under $100

Taking it to the head…

2. Brixton, $57

For bad and good hair days. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dQLvCm

3. Asos, $93

Choose one in electric teal and make your outfit reallly pop. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/K2FgE2

4. Asos, $56

Get edgy with an extra large brim. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1eDwYvA

5. Asos, $56

Or just match your lips with fire engine red. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dQB5Tg

6. Anthropologie, $58

Make navy your new neutral this winter. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dQzSLV

7. Bluefly, $58

This blue topper from Bluefly is a classic. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dQBsNF

8. Club Monaco, $99

Leave the basic black in your closet and opt for grey scale. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1eDxl9p

9. DKNY, $58

At just $58, it’s easy to make this $58 DKNY version your signature. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1fy484R

10. Free People, $58

For your casually chic day. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1fyg8mY

11. Free People, $78

Beauties who live in warmer climates can go from the beach to lunch in a snap.
Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1m5CjRM

12. Free People, $78

Similarly, this one makes us think of mint mojitos. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1m5CjRM

13. Brixton, $81

Two neutrals = one fierce fedora. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/K2Ufhe

14. Brixton, $77

Don this black and brown combo for a weekend brunch with the girls. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1a7kAHk

15. Brixton, $81

Keep your outfit monotone for a dark and mysterious vibe. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1fyreZd

16. Topshop, $50

Wear this one with black on black. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1hraTTB

17. Topshop, $50

Swagged out. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1fyrLKz

18. Topshop, $50

Sharp edges let the world know you’re serious (about style). Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dQMkLA

19. Topshop, 50

Roll up to the party in this retro hat, and you’ve already won. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dQMxhQ

20. Tory Burch, $88

Proper and with pointy edges, this fedora is nothing if not classy. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1hrc1Xe

21. Topshop, $50

Topshop does it again with a basic brown that will complement everything from dresses to suits. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1m5WI9k

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