Hellobeautiful Featured Video

1. “Pour It Up”

Rihanna enlisted Nicole “The Pole” Williams to teach her some stripper acrobatics, and the gravity-defying moves make this a must-watch video—just not at work.

2. “Man Down”

This is probably Rihanna’s most powerful video. After being raped, Rihanna takes matters into her own hands in this emotional video.

3. “We Found Love”

This video seemed to play out Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown perfectly. It was the classic Bonnie & Clyde theme with Rihanna finding the strength to leave the toxic relationship at the end.

4. “Don’t Stop the Music”

Here, Riri and her pals head to the club, and if their dancing looks particularly impressive, it’s probably because famed choreographer Tina Landon (Janet Jackson, Ricky Martin) put together the steps.

5. “Umbrella”

This one’s hella (ella, ella, ey, ey, ey) good—a surefire pick for our list of the top 10 Rihanna videos. The song is fantastic, and Ri looks amazing in that black hat and barely-there outfit.

6. “Disturbia”

The title pretty much says it all. This 2009 clip is dark and disturbing, and it likely represents the sexiest use of an electric chair in the history of music.

7. “Russian Roulette”

Next on our list of the top 10 Rihanna videos is the highly cinematic “Russian Roulette.” It plays like a mini-movie, and as with “Distrubia,” it finds Riri exploring her dark side—with characteristically sexy results.

8. “Rude Boy”

As bright and vibrant as “Distrubia” and “Russian Roulette” are bleak and foreboding, this next entry on our list of the top 10 Rihanna videos is pure eye candy. If the colors don’t burn your retinas, the booty shaking will.

9. “S&M”

Before this 2010 video, we thought maybe Rihanna was into some kinky stuff, but this confirmed it. This one features ball gags, little people on leashes and all sorts of other bizarre visuals. Riri is cray-cray, and that’s why we love her.