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Every week a new app is launched, but none have gained the traction like Periscope in the nine months the platform has been active. Periscope is a live streaming app whose mission is to allow people to see the world through other people’s eyes. It’s essentially a boarding pass to anywhere in the world. Since discovering Periscope, I’ve stopped watching TV. Why? Because Periscope is the new TV. I’m also convinced that this is how Twitter will finally monetize. If Periscope is the new TV, then these are the “channels” that you definitely need to check out!

1. Kimberly Steward || @KimberlySteward

Kimberly Steward Source:Compliments of Kimberly Steward

Kimberly Steward is an award-winning image-maker and image marketing expert as well as the Lead Hairstylist for Dear White People. Over the past 15 years, she has gained indelible experience in the image marketing, fashion and beauty industries, skillfully executing campaigns for corporate and fashion clientele alike. Check out her hair and makeup portfolio: kimberlysteward.kim

2. Bryn Drescher || @VitaminBShot

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

Bryn is a Transformer who is as serious about changing the world as Optimus Prime. Her mission is to help others’ release from that which keeps one & the rest of the world from seeing the Masterpiece one is and has always been.

3. Nyoka Bey || @QueenNyoka

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

The Queen of Persicope is Queen Nyoka. This San Francisco creative is an entrepreneur, an artist, and overall – amazing. She is the Founder KULCHA COLORING WORKS INC., where she makes cartoons, coloring books and clothing for people of color. Trust me: it’s dope. http://www.kulchacoloringworksinc.net.

4. Ruben Arana || @Teach_All_IKnow

Ruben Arana || @Teach_All_IKnow

Ruben is a talented educator and illustrator utilizing Periscope to teach “nerdy words” through art. Ruben is also a professor at the prestigious FAMU.

5. Janine Cummings || @AngelOfLace

Janine Cummings Source:Janine Cummings

Janine is an author, all round people enthusiasts and the prayer warrior of Periscope. During her broadcasts she motivates, encourages and inspires particularly women to be the best they can be. Janine’s broadcasts are energetic and upbeat! Plus, that British accent is everything.

6. Amber Aziza || @amber_aziza

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

Amber Aziza is a powerhouse. A Millennial AND a 7-figure business coach who helps other Millennials build their businesses into successes. She built and sold 1 company before turning thirty. Three months after turning 30, she sold her second. There’s a reason why she’s known as “The Don” on Periscope.

7. Lisa Jones || @AgapeLove007

Lisa is the CEO of Destiny International Productions where “We Build a Bridge To Your Vision For The Future” through coordinating your special events. Her company provides business coaching and strategies for starting and enhancing your business through referrals and collaboration.

8. Gisele Bonds || @PositiveImages510

Gisele Bonds Source:Gisele Bonds

Gisele is a professional photographer who has had a studio in Oakland, CA for over 26 years. A woman of action, she’s building a tribe of Bay Area small business owners called #BayBiz. Owning her own small business for years, she broadcasts tips to help small businesses leverage social media via WordPress, local SEO, and live streaming.

9. Paija Hudson || @PJLovesPJ

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

Paija J is a Makeup Artist, Educator, Influencer, and Public Speaker. Her goal is to help people stay “Beat and Blessed” by focusing on beautifying their lives from the inside out. You can find Paija on all social media @PJLovesPJ except Instagram where she can be found @PaijaJ_MUA.

10. Arvin Poole || @ArvinPoole

Arvin is a tech buff and non-profit entrepreneur. He definitely discusses tech and tech hacks on Periscope (he founded #PeriHacks). But what I love most about Arvin is his give back. He is the founder of DayWithDaddy.org. An organization that connects fathers who spend limited time with their children with resources, activities, and events that are designed to foster a healthy parenting relationship

11. Rashauna Scott || @RashaunaScott

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

Rashauna Scott is a Chicago based financial literacy advocate. Rashauna enjoys helping new or aspiring entrepreneurs jump start their businesses.

12. Dupé Aleru || @Dupe_Aleru

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

Dupé Aleru is the founder and owner of the elite private in-home tutoring company, Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens LLC. Aleru is also an author, host, and motivational speaker who broadcasts live on Periscope Monday – Friday 10:30 am PT bringing her audience morning motivation to help them jumpstart their day.

13. LaShawn McKinzie || @AccentsBayArea

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

LaShawn is an interior stylist and realtor in the SF Bay Area. She provides homeowners with home styling tips on how to re-design their living space. She also provides realtors with home styling and staging strategies that prepares their properties for showcasing on the market! If you want your home to be fabulous and get some great tips…watch LaShawn broadcast.

14. Jamilah Corbitt || @JamilahCorbitt

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

Jamilah helps people and brands authentically communicate their message and value to the rest of the world. On Periscope, she shows people how transparency is the cornerstone and necessary fabric to building a loyal community. Jamilah is funny and energetic, I laugh everytime I’m in her broadcast.

15. Danielle Carroll || @DanayaAzure

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

Danielle is an internationally featured jewelry designer that makes statement pieces. Based out of Chicago, Danielle is a radio host of #LadiesNightRadio as well as promoter and social media manager. You’ll definitely want to check out her dynamic broadcasts!

16. Nicole Sanchez || @YayNicole

Periscope Source:Compliments of the Individual Featured

This popular YouTuber has fallen in love with Periscope. More than just a beauty blogger, Nicole is a social media manager and entrepreneur. She loves her family, beauty products, and cooking!

17. Michelle Fong || @dialMstyle

Michelle Fong Source:Michelle Fong

Michelle defines herself as a Mommy first, entrepreneur and makeup artist second. She helps women improve their self confidence through simple makeup education. She also discusses the entrepreneur mindset and achieving goals. When I want to see the latest palette or see some beautiful lipsticks (she’s launching her own line!) I head to Michelle.

18. Dr. Aikyna Finch || @dradfinch

Dr Aikyna Finch Source:Dr. Aikyna Finch

There’s a doctor on Periscope. Dr. Finch is an educator, coach, and speaker. When she broadcasts she discusses education, motivation and social media. Get your knowledge up with Dr. Finch!

19. Michele Heyward || @MicheleHeyward

Michele is a bootstrapping entrepreneur who is building her business at night while working her day job as an engineer to fund. I love watching her work towards her dreams. She’s Southern born and raised, she broadcasts about women lifting heavy weights, personal challenges & growth, family and other aspects of life. Basically, her scopes are real.

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