1. Getting A Little Tired…

We get that we’re in the business of entertainment. But, even we’re sick of hearing about these celebrities over and over again. Please take this gallery with a grain of salt. It’s just entertainment. Obviously we’re going to have to keep reporting on them, but we don’t have to like it.

2. Beyonce

We’re certainly not hating on the Queen Bey at all. The woman’s talented and pretty much flawless. But, seriously, we’re not here for her believe-me-when-I-tell-you-I’m-normal moments. We get that you love your husband, but that Grammy performance, girllll… (http://bit.ly/1lfjqOz). That vegan diet, too? Great idea in theory, but too bad your love of leather is bigger than your vegan love (http://bit.ly/1miBwfz).

3. Kris Jenner

We’d be the first to admit our fear of Kris Jenner. The Kardashian Klan “momager” is always plotting the next Klan takeover, whether it’s trying to keep control over Kim’s career (http://bit.ly/1go7Slh) or making Kanye use his “valley” voice on her show…you know what, just go away girl.

4. NeNe Leakes

NeNe, we understand things are changing for you. Your many TV shows have been cancelled. (Sad) Folks are getting a little tired of your catchphrases. But, really, bashing the same “queens” who helped your career? Not cool (http://bit.ly/1jsd2if). Don’t think we forgot about how you bashed Brandon during that fight on RHOA (http://bit.ly/1aUj2R5) or how you’re blaming Kenya for the fight in the first place!

5. Blue Ivy’s Hair

We’re not here to tell Beyonce how she should take care of Blue or what she should do with her hair, but we are here to tell the critics and haters to back off. Little Blue is only 2-years-old! We don’t need to keep hearing about how “nappy” her hair is or how Bey needs to get her hair braided. Haters, all those comments you make really only reflect your insecurities (http://bit.ly/1hfgYBD).

6. Justin Bieber

Justin, we know you want to hang with hip-hop’s finest sooooo bad. Kicking it with Diddy and Rick Ross in Atlanta isn’t terrible, but these arrests, taking NSFW pictures with strippers, iced grillz and dropping the N-Word on the track (http://bit.ly/1ildMYF) are not needed. We might have to rethink that White House petition that was calling for your deportation (http://bit.ly/1dbQoGx).

7. Mama Joyce

We understand how important it is for our mothers to advise us on some of the decisions we make, including our choices on men. But, mothers like Joyce, take it too far. Let your daughter, Kandi, live. Her fiance Todd works and they obviously love each other. Your daughter’s a grown woman. We’re tired of talking about you because we want to respect you as her mother, but it’s hard. (http://bit.ly/1dbZ6V3)

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