Before Brandy or King Beyonce there was Betty!

Today, our favorite Golden Girl turn 91, proving that laughter is the secret to a long life.

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Betty White starred in several shows including “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and her own “Betty White Show” before landing her prized role as the “special” St. Olafian, Rose Nylund.

This Emmy Award winning actress isn’t enjoying her later years by just sitting pretty in Shady Pines. As the host of  the reality show “Off Their Rockers” this Jane is still kicking.

Everybody, take a look at some of Betty White’s most hilarious moments and tip your hat to the woman. She deserves it!

1. Live From New York It’s Saturday Night!

After falling ill, Rose’s daughter Kirsten comes to visit her in the hospital. At the request of her mother, Kirsten gets close to Rose only to be oddly surprised!

2. Cuttin’ A Rug!

All four girls decide to enter in an all night dance-a-thon. After Blanche finishes her little routine, Betty shows how it’s really done!

3. One! Two! One Two Three!

Blanche and Rose roll up the living room carpet and practice their tap routine. Betty White was well into her 40s while dancing in her cute leotard and tap shoes. Check out the gams on her! Go On, Betty!

4. “Okay Dorothy…If That’s Your Real Name”

Blanche gets invited to a murder mystery weekend for her job and drags the girls along with her. Dorothy leads the pack by instructing them to keep their eyes peeled. Then Rose, in her infinite wisdom, let’s Dorothy know she will not be fooled!

5. Say Cheese!

Check out our favorite Golden Girl rockin her brunette strands in a vintage 1964 Kodak commercial.

6. Betty White’s 2010 Super Bowl Commercial

Betty White shows off her football savvy in this hilarious 2010 Snicker commercial.

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