FYI, there is nothing heavy about this subtle light fixture. I’m not a big fan of chandeliers – they’re a little too girly and fancy for my taste – but then I came across this clean, contemporary design.

Okay, I’m coming clean. I’m not the best in the kitchen, but this bright yellow cast iron number did get my attention. I have to admit, the boyfriend is the cook in this relationship, and yes I’ve learned a thing or two from him (thanks, baby).

The latest in spa pampering, soon believed to be a worldwide trend, involves feet and fish. Would you think these two concepts go together? Probably not, but in this case, they make for the perfect duo.

In need of filling that empty space in your living room, stylish home office, or any other room that needs a little love?

Even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to forget to water your houseplants.

One of my favorite summer pleasures is going to the beach, so when I found this blue mountable vase, it reminded me of the first trip the boyfriend and I took together.

There are beds and then there are beds. That is, simply calling this a bed does not do it justice.

See the photos from the first ever edition of Italian Vogue to feature only African American models!

This takes the phrase “in and out” to a whole new level!

These units would overpower my small living space, but for the time being it will go on my wish list for my dream home.

I have to give credit to for posting about these chairs.

I just painted my outdoor bench this sizzling red color, I’m feeling a trend coming on.