Which R&B singer and reality star decided to get heroic in the same Halloween costume this year? Get the answer now!

Feeling the fringe this season? Well, so are all the top designers, so shop on, budgeting boot lovers! Find out where you can bargain shop for this almost-identical knock-off.

Is John Legend the new Urban Cowboy or did he decide to dress up as a member of The Village People for Halloween? Decide for yourself and tell HB what you think!

I know you Beyonce fans have been highly anticipating hearing what else B has in store for us on her 3rd solo album “I am….Sasha Fierce.”  Well here is a 30 second preview of each track on the double album.

Keeping your eye on that waistline? If so, I recently came across this product that makes it easier to transport your mixed greens to the office.

You know Michelle’s political background and high-profile family life. But have you been watching her speeches all these weeks wondering where she got that dress or how she stays fit and fly despite having the kind of jam-packed schedule that seems to dwarf ours in comparison? All the answers are in the second part of […]

The most historically important day in Presidential election history thus far is less than two weeks away. But while we’re all eagerly anticipating the day that might lead to the country’s first black president ever, we’re also in awe of the intelligent, driven (and fierce!) woman by his side: Michelle Obama. Few potential First Ladies […]

Last Friday I took my son to his school’s annual Halloween party. This is his third year in the school, but we always waited until the last minute to buy tickets and missed out. This year, he is way more cognizant of time and dates (at least when it comes to something he cares about), […]

Last night at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party, the happy couple had not only one costumes but TWO! For the first one Mariah dressed up as cookies while Nick dressed up as a carton of milk. What was their second Halloween costume last night? Find out under the cut…

They say waxing your eyebrows is bad for you. Threading is useful once in a while, but I can’t deal with waiting for them to grow out enough to be threading salon-worthy. Therefore, I live for my Tweezerman tweezers. They’ve stayed trusty for four years, I haven’t had to sharpen them once, and, as a […]

Keyshia Cole honors the memory of Tupac Shakur with “Playa Cardz Right,” the first single from her forthcoming album, TK.

In most kitchens, space is often hard to find. You’ve got the obligatory toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc. If you have more than 2 spices in your cabinets, then you need to get a spice rack. Save space and get organized with this wall mounted spice rack.