Proposing a threesome MIGHT sound like a good idea, but do your man a favor: consider the consequences first!

In honor of the DNC we’re highlighting the style of Michelle Obama. If Barack makes it to the White House, America will have one fierce first lady.

How old is too old? In this week's installment of Single In The City, our Single Guy, Kev, tells the tale of a hot romp with an older woman. Though the hookup was something to write about, you won't believe what happens afterward!

Heart disease, more than any other health threat, is the number one killer of African-American women.

We get excited about what to wear every fall season, so why not do the same for your home? Just like clothing, your home needs to be updated each season. We tend to bring summer into the home with light colored slipcovers and throws., so why not do the reverse for fall.

On Dec. 3, 2002 my life changed. Some could argue that it changed when my wife waved the pregnancy test in front of my half-open eyes that morning ten months prior, or when we got married two years before that. But it really didn’t HIT me until I saw him. Justin Gabriel Barrow: 7lbs 5 oz of purpose.

If you haven’t kept up with the ins and outs of the Misick family feud, the drama can be summed up in a few words and/or phrases: infidelity, rape accusations, physical altercations, hospitalization, separation, divorce, and alleged pregnancies.

I mentioned once before that I’m not a chandelier girl, but I may have to rethink that.

A 27-year-old Egyptian woman recently took fertility drugs in the hopes of having a boy. Problem is, she isn't infertile - she already has three girls, but her culture recognizes boys as the desired sex. Should fertility drugs be taken if no real problem is present?

No, not that kind – I’m talking about a stand that is perfect for holding bottles, beverages and plates.

If I had a large living room, this Moroso “Waiting” sofa is what I would want waiting for me at the end of the day.

Somewhere in the purgatory between married life and singledom, Drew lives a life of negotiating boundaries, better tomorrows and practicing domestication. Meet Hello Beautiful's Grooming in Gotham, our boyfriend blogger extraordinaire.