Most girls I know love to talk. Incessantly. So, I don’t now, nor have I ever had, very many female friends. And, while I have spent at least the last 11 of my 21 years trying to figure out why I, a female, avoid the infamous “Girls Night Out” by any and all means necessary, […]

Kim Osorio, most known for her success as the editor in chief of The Source Magazine and later for her multimillion-dollar lawsuit against former Source owners Dave Mays and Benzino, has released a “tell-all expose” called Straight From the Source (cute) about the goings-on at The Source, as well her personal and intimate relationships with […]

I was inspired by my good friend The Fiance’s most recent post to write this. In said post, he talked about coming to terms with the fact that once you get married — assuming you’re faithful — you’ll never get to experience that feeling of what Chris Rock described so perfectly as “new pussy,” or, […]

If you’re like me and you’ve often had the “couch or cat?” debate, there may finally be a solution that doesn’t end up selling furniture or pets on Craigslist.

I’m all about using candles to create subtle lightning and add ambiance to my home.

My obsession with lipstick started at a very young age, and I still get a thrill when I open a new tube. The baby of the family and a die-hard tomboy, there was something about lipstick that turned me on. I would wait until my older sister was out of the house, sneak into her […]

Free up floor space with this modular wall mounted magazine rack from

Did you hear the one about the relationship columnist who ruined his own relationship? Oh, trust me – it’s a doozy. Somewhere along the line, it’s important to realize that you and your lady are matched because you complement each other’s traits well. The two of you are not the same. You (hopefully) share values, […]

I have an affinity for vases, and I’m always on the lookout to see what I can add to my collection.

Anyone who really knows me understands that I like to have a good time. It took me awhile to get there though, because I had to adjust to my new surroundings. As I grew more comfortable, my fetish for drinking did too and, as a freshly-dubbed “party man,” I knew no limits. But with every […]

1) The right tote to carry around this fall: Michael Kors purple patent leather tote. Available at for 398 dollars. 2) Suede is this fall’s patent leather. This jeweled tone Valentino“Maison” Tote teal bag needs to be on my arm. A little pricey for my budget, but it’s definitely No. 1 on my wish […]

I love all things color, and try to bring color into every room in my apartment. These colorful bowls from will definitely add some spice to the kitchen.