This week HB features the striking and unique style of Joy Bryant!

Death has never been easy for me to deal with. And, despite my belief that life should be celebrated daily, with age, I have found that death begs us to be reminded of the blessings each day brings, regardless of the weather.

Sitting all day can be a real pain in the you-know-what. So when I spotted this Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad Chair, I got really excited.

In this month’s issue of Elle Magazine, you’ll find an ad for L’Oreal Paris‘ Feria hair color featuring an unnaturally pasty Beyonce Knowles. Perhaps the most obvious questions (based on the media’s commentary and speculation on the Feria ad thus far) have already been asked and answered:

Excuse me, table for two, please! Whenever the weather is warm and I feel like enjoying the great outdoors, I pack up this basket, grab my man, and head for a lunch-on-the-ground (a play on words for “night-on-the-town”). With this adorable picnic set, equipped with everything you need to enjoy your mid-afternoon delight, you’ll be […]

Just like sitting at a baseball game, you’ll be able to start cheering, “we want a pitcher… and a tall glass of water!” These beautiful, hand-blown glass pitchers will add a sparkle to your garden party any day.

In light of Rihanna’s most recent “wardrobe malfunction” HB has put together a gallery of the craziest nip slips of all time.

At the slightest hint of rain in this city, women bring out their rain boots, each one more eye-catching than the next, so it was no surprise when I spotted this mini galosh planter at

This September, in an article entitled “American Dream,” Tyra Banks will pay homage to Michelle Obama in a seven-page editorial spread for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. It is almost as though Tyra got word of the “Janice Sips the Haterade” post, decided to inject a bit of her own fierceness into Michelle Obama’s legacy, and phoned […]

I like finding new ways to use standard items for storage.

For our second installment of Celeb Style HB chose Kerry Washington for her bold and colorful style.

After indulging in these products, I didn’t feel so bad about skipping the salon.