“Real Housewives of Atlanta” NeNe Leakes is worth at least $4.5 million, though it could be a lot more. She recently signed a $1 million deal to return for the sixth season of Bravo’s popular reality show, which makes her highest paid housewife in the cast. MUST READ: Sorry NeNe: NBC Cancels “The New Normal” […]

Has Kenya Moore ever been married? No, Kenya Moore has not been married, though it’s easy to see why fans of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star might have thought otherwise. In 2007, years before the Detroit native and winner of both the 1993 Miss Michigan and Miss USA pageants joined the RHOA cast, pictures […]

Bridging the pay-wage gap for Black women would save our communities.

Today marks the 13th year since we lost Aaliyah. And we still celebrate her life and beautiful contribution to R&B. The seductive beat to “One In A Million” begins to creep through the static-heavy speakers in the cab. The driver’s hand gravitates to the dial. All-of-a-sudden, the back seat feels warmer. It’s impossible not to listen. […]

Who is Phaedra Parks’ husband? Phaedra Parks is married to Apollo Nida, who works in asset recovery. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star met Nida back in 1995, according to All Things Real Housewives, and the couple married in November 2009. MUST SEE: Kenya Moore On Phaedra Parks: ‘She Is A Fraud In Every Way […]

Check Out Bohemian Soul Natural Hair Studio’s Amazing Protective Styles And Meet The Owner: When I started my natural hair journey, it was under weaves and wigs. Once I decided I was bold enough to rock out with my natural tresses, I called on Monique from Slique Hair Studio in Harlem, NY to help me […]

I’ve worn weaves and wigs for the last five years. And through those years I developed a love/hate relationship with the million and one different looks that the sewn in tresses provided. Underneath the fake hair, my real hair was in a state of struggle. I was going natural three years in to my five […]

This Memorial Day weekend is sure to be like any other—filled with family, friends, fun, and best of all, cookouts!  From May-September, regardless of whether…

African-Americans held the first Memorial Day. However, in 1865, it was called “Decoration Day.” What was once a little known fact is now being outed by Yale University history professor David Blight, who, 15 years ago was doing research for a forthcoming book when he stumbled upon a box of unorganized papers of a Union […]

Colorism is a huge deal, both in the United States and across the world. In a colorist society, skin color, unfortunately, has the potential to not only destroy self-esteem, but often leads to discrimination and intraracial conflict.  By 2018, it is estimated that the skin-lightening industry will be worth 19.8 billion dollars. All because unhealthy […]

My daughter made a comment that caught me in a moment of shuddered disbelief. ‘Who were those black people at practice?’ she’d asked of a new family to her volleyball club that I’d sat with. I don’t know if I heard the full of her question as her delivery had vibrated to my core so […]

These small steps can make you have a more eco-friendly approach to life.