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At the slightest hint of rain in this city, women bring out their rain boots, each one more eye-catching than the next, so it was no surprise when I spotted this mini galosh planter at

This September, in an article entitled “American Dream,” Tyra Banks will pay homage to Michelle Obama in a seven-page editorial spread for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. It is almost as though Tyra got word of the “Janice Sips the Haterade” post, decided to inject a bit of her own fierceness into Michelle Obama’s legacy, and phoned […]

I like finding new ways to use standard items for storage.

After indulging in these products, I didn’t feel so bad about skipping the salon.

Everything retro is hip again, so why should home decor be left out in the cold?

Nike launches new clothing line that's chic and for a good cause

Everyone knows I’m the ultimate beach queen, so when I make my weekend trek to the beach I need to know that my towel game is on point.

Hello Beautiful, get ready to be taken on a hair extravaganza with no other than Fredric Fekkai stylist to the stars, Johnny Wright!

I go through magazines the way most people go through toilet paper…but there just isn’t enough storage in my apartment to hold all the magazines that come through my door.

Keep finding yourself on dates where you and the other person just can't seem to "click"? Here are 5 of the biggest first-date turnoffs to avoid to help you get to the perfect hookup.

These red bamboo Asian-inspired bowls are stunning. Of course they’re ideal for food, but why not step out of the box and get creative?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to update the crib, and recently came across this Retro Bullet Planter