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No one likes to party more than I do, and ever since we moved into our new digs, we’ve been entertaining like there’s no tomorrow. I showed this Carrier (Portante) serving tray to my boyfriend, who loves showing off his gorgeous wine glasses, and he immediately pulled out the credit card and said we needed […]

Summer has arrived and the backyard barbecues have already begun.

Finally – a grill I can stylishly and usefully place on my patio.

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There’ll only be tears of joy shed over this Capri table lamp.

In need of light during that nighttime summer party? These new rope lights are perfect for that cross between style and the lighting you have been looking for.

We all know there is nothing like candles and flowers to set the mood, so I got really excited when I saw these.

I can picture these cutesy planters all lined up in a row in the entry-way to my home.

We all love our AC, but when the temperature is not quite AC ready and you need that gentle cool air, these playful vintage fans may be the answer.

Ladies, we all know prepping gets us in and out of the kitchen in no time, and even prep work is now a little easier.

My big sister gave me a subscription to my favorite mag, Domino, for Mother’s Day (thanks, sis!). In anticipation of the magazine’s arrival, I went to Domino’s gallery and found this beautiful, serene room.