Are you a prize? Do you put yourself on a pedestal or do you spend more time devaluing yourself? This is not a promotion of vanity or self absorption. Rather this is one of self awareness and self confidence. One that can be a constant battle between the negative and positive whispers in your own head. I’ve noticed that as women we spend much of our time finding our own flaws and once we are done with that then we proceed to find another sistas flaws and point hers out as well. Think about it. How much time do you spend finding your own flaws and comparing yourself to the images that you see in magazines and TV wishing you could measure up?

Gabrielle Union Reveals Her Insecurities

The definition of the word PRIZE in this sense is as such:

–verb (used with object),prized, priz·ing.

1. to value or esteem highly.

2. to estimate the worth or value of.

3 Tips To Help You Feel Good About Yourself

For years, I spent energy in trying to fit into a mold that never fit me completely and comparing myself to others. The moments when I was happy with myself would quickly end because I would soon find something that I disliked about myself, whether it was physically or internally and my focus would zero in on that once again. What I am saying is that the time that you spend pouring down negativity upon yourself should be the time that you spend discovering all of the things that makes you special and indeed a prize…. To Read The Rest Of The Article Go To YeahSheSaidIt

Make positive visualization a daily habit

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