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So you’ve broken up with your boyfriend and can’t think of anything else but getting back together. What should you do? Well if you do want to get back together then you are going to have to make some changes.

Here are some tips on how to get him back:


1. Watch Who You Take Advice From

My first tip for you is to honestly look at the people you take advice from. You see, there is so much help out there these days and everyone has an opinion on How to get him back or How to get my girlfriend back but the honest truth is that you need to find what works for you and do it.

2: Figure out what went wrong BEFORE trying to right it.

One thing I found is that when people are going through emotional stress like a break up, they will tend to make huge assumptions about what it is that caused the break up. One of my biggest tips for you in making up is to be sure you understand what may have caused or at least contributed to the break up. By doing so you can start to change these things and show your ex that you are changing them so they realize you are serious about getting back together.

3: Patience and Forgiveness

Now this tip might be a hard one to take, especially if for some reason your own ego got hurt in any way but now is a time to swallow your pride and do what it takes. Forgiveness can be hard if your ex hurt you on the way out but you need to find ways at forgiving them for it. Think about the circumstances. They probably left because they were not happy or even sick of something you were doing or saying or whatever it was. In their eyes you are the one who has caused all this. By thinking along these lines you may be able to find forgiveness.

Patience is a virtue no matter what the problem and doubly so when trying to get back you ex. Make sure in all that you do that you learn to be patience and think will come and sort themselves out. So relax, breathe and let nature take its course.

4: Follow Three simple first steps before you do anything.

If there was one thing I worked out when I was going through what you are it is that you really must have your head screwed on straight and more importantly be showing your ex that you have as well. But how do you do that? I have come across three simple steps that worked for me and would like to share with you. These are

Step 1: Don’t Panic

Step 2: Accept the break up (for now)

Step 3: Write your ex a small note

Yes the first time I read those steps I was thinking to myself “What, that can’t help.” and you are probably too. I can let you know right here and now that these steps really do work and I have heard from many people I have helped who said the same thing.

Go here to read The First Steps To Making Up.

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