Imagine coming home after a long hard day at work and climbing into this baby.  Made with an insulated wall of stainless steel, which retains heat longer than the conventional bathtub, you can sit upright for hours and get a full body relaxation.

This soaking tub is patterned after Japanese ofuro in which a single person sits, relaxing in soothing hot water as part of a traditional, centuries-old daily bathing ritual designed to cleanse the body and calm the spirit.

The seat is situated 15″ above the tub floor of 3″ thick double-walled metal tub and built-in 18 air jets that can be maneuvered with a touch of button to spray high speed streams on your body to massage and relax your body. So, if you can’t stop yourself from diving into the tub, then climb these three non-slip steps quickly and enjoy a long, luxurious soak.

Yours for $20,000 at

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